Kamitabi - Sock made of Japanese paper

Addictive comfort. “KAMITABI”made of washi paper. We have made tabi (Japanese socks) out of washi paper! And it's called “KAMITABI.” Your feet will feel like nobility and thank you for wearing the KAMITABI that takes advantage of all the qualities of washi paper! The designs that feature traditional Japanese motifs are totally cool and diverse. Kami (paper) leads to kami (Japanese gods/spirits). Tabi (socks) lead to tabi (journeys). Enjoy a comfortable journey in godlike comfort. “What? Socks made of paper?” We use a functional fiber called camifine® which is made by cutting washi paper into thin strips and twisting them into fibers. These exquisite tabi are made one by one with meticulous care. They offer excellent breathing, moisture absorption and quick-drying performance, and are also very lightweight. They are also easy to care for since you can wash them at home. Only washi paper can give you this kind of wearing comfort and coziness.

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