Kami-waraji, the world's first cardboard sandals,
made in Japan.

Waraji are traditional Japanese sandals made with straw that have been worn for ages. They were both a necessity for long journeys and commonly-worn footwear in the past. In Japanese, the first character used in the word waraji refers directly to the straw used in the item. Kami-waraji are both an evolution and an homage to classic waraji, maintaining their eco-friendly image since they are made completely out of cardboard.

Cardboard is the ultimate eco-material. Currently, 100% recyclable cardboard is used everywhere, especially in the distribution industry. With a more than 95% recycle rate in Japan, cardboard is the leader of the ecology movement.

We will be announcing purchasing options and shop information as it becomes available.
Our online shop is scheduled to open in Spring 2020.