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All kinds of Japanese designs.

Kami-waraji designs feature traditional Japanese images and patterns. With the unique designs matching the sandal shapes, they make perfect Japanese souvenirs as they represent Japan's respect towards tradition and functionality.

  • 01. Kanze-mizu

    Ask anybody traveling through Japan about their impressions of the country, and you're bound to hear them say "I've never seen a country with such pristine water." This design represents the plentiful, beautiful water that can be found in Japan. You'll feel like you're walking on water.

    01. Kanze-mizu
  • 02. Sakura

    Out of all the various types of flowers found across the country, nothing resonates with people like cherry blossoms. Sakura, the heart of the Japanese people, supporting you as you walk.

    02. Sakura
  • 03. Tsuru-no-mai

    In ancient Japanese lore, you can find a phrase that directly translates as "1,000 year cranes, 10,000 year turtles." The crane is both a symbol of long life and celebration. Let this design bring you longevity and joy.

    03. Tsuru-no-mai
  • 04. Nishiki-goi

    Just like the old Japanese phrase "the carp's waterfall climb" suggests, carps are treasured as symbols that represent increasing good luck in the household. Bring good luck to your feet with these Kami-waraji.

    04. Nishiki-goi
  • 05. Kikko-mon

    This traditional Japanese pattern, based on tortoise shells, was selected to be used for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Tortoises have long been viewed as bringers of good luck, perfect partners to have with you in your day to day life.

    05. Kikko-mon

Eco-friendly packaging.

Kami-waraji packaging uses recycled and reused kraft cardboard. It's unique and eye-catching shape makes it a perfect gift or souvenir for friends and family back home.

Eco-friendly packaging.

Unlimited design possibilities!

When you think of Japan, what kinds of images come to mind?
Mt. Fuji? Sumo? Kabuki? Ninjas?
As you can see, the number of images that can be related to Japan is nearly limitless, and we plan to add even more variety to our designs to please every type of Japan-fan out there.

Unlimited design possibilities!


S size: 22.5~24cm (external dimensions: 23cm)
M size: 24.5~26cm (external dimensions: 25cm)
L size: 26.5~28cm (external dimensions: 27cm)

*Size and dimensions may be slightly different.

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